Spatial Design- paintings and frames

by Ali Duffy

1. What are you assessing when you look at the spatial design of bodies and vocabulary in your work? Do these assessments change with the piece or are you guided by more overarching principles?

I often find myself thinking of paintings and the way that the “weight” is shaped and designed in the space of the frame. Then, I think about the space that work will be shown in and adapt based on that “frame.” Sometimes, I will also think of my dances from a bird’s eye perspective which helps me to think about depth and dimension of bodies onstage.

2. How have you used staging to contribute to your work, (i.e. for visual design, to communicate meaning, to create mood, to evoke social conventions, etc)?

3. In what ways do you play with a phrase to achieve the desired spacing and staging?

4. What challenges have you encountered when dealing with staging? What strategies, advice, or lines of thought have helped you overcome these challenges?

5. Have entrances and exits served any greater function in your work than getting dancers in and out of the performance space? If yes, what have been their functions?

6. What challenges have you encountered when dealing with entrances and exits? What helped you take on these challenges?

7. How have your thoughts and approaches to space and spatial design evolved throughout your choreographic career?

8. If you had a philosophy about the role of space in your practice and in your work, what would it be?